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My review of six different skincare products and cosmetics by the cruelty-free beauty brand Kiko Milano.

When I was in London last November, I embarked on my own beauty journey around the charming city. I spent most of my time at local pharmacies and drug stores (i.e. Boots, Dermacia, etc.) looking for high quality, clean beauty products that were priced affordably. It just so happened that one rainy day by Picadilly Station, I stumbled upon a Kiko Milano store. I had become an avid fan of Kiko Milano products after first sampling their products during my 2019 trip to Milan, the epicenter of natural and clean beauty products.

That particular day KM was having a huge sale, Buy 3 Get 3 for Free and listen, I always love a good sale! I was also aware that KM had recently dropped their vegan collection, New Green Me, and wanted to check that section out.

After some perusing, I decided to purchase the following beauty products (and all for under $30 in store!):

Kiko Milano Precision Eyeliner

I was particularly excited about simply because I had been searching for a cruelty-free eyeliner to replace my Lancôme Eyeliner (not cruelty-free). KM has over 12 different eyeliners but only had two available in-store.

Nourishing Eye Patch: Next was the Eye Patch. These are single-use hydrogel patches that are supposed to give you a “fresh and well-rested look”. Let me start off by saying this my favorite purchase out of all 6. I wasn’t expecting to feel or see any drastic effects on my skin after one use but I definitely noticed the dark areas, or dark circles, under my eyes had lightened up and I definitely looked noticeably refreshed!

Application: Place a patch under each eye and leave on for thirty minutes. Make sure the patches adhere to the contours of your skin to maximize the patchs’ effects.

Energizing Mask: The first product I used was the Energizing Mask. Loaded with caffeine, the Energizing Mask is a single- use hydrogel mask that is supposed to give your skin a boost and a fresh, rejuvenated look.

Application: Remove mask from the two clear sheets and apply it to your face, making sure it to the contours is your skin. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Massage skin after removing.

New Green Me Bronzer: I absolutely LOVE this bronzer/highlighter! My favorite vegan cheek enhancer in the past has been Tarte’s Blush but it may have to make way to this bronzer! Not only is it vegan but 98% of its ingredients are sourced from raw materials. It’s main ingredients are rice starch, avocado and cottonseed oil. It gives me this golden, rosey sheen when brushed onto the apples of my cheeks and blends beautifully with my skin. I purchased it in Natural Gold and it applies beautiful. I would rate the pigmentation as medium but you can layer applications for increased intensity.

Application: For best results, apply with a fan or blush brush. For increased color intensity, apply in layers until you achieve desired results.

Sebo Balance Toner: I use this toner as part of my daily PM skincare regimen. Its a mattifying toner, meanng that it doesn’t leave your face looking greasy or with a residual shine. I find that mattifying toners work well for oily or combination skin because they don’t promote excess sebum. Its gentle formula contains willow bark extract, green tea and cucumber.

Application: Using a cotton pad saturated with the toner, clean face and neck in a gentle, upward motion.

Pure Clean Micellar Biphase Water:  This is the first time I’ve purchased a makeup remover of this type; I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. Its gentle formula contains pomegranate and sweet almond oils; it feels light on the skin and leaves no oily residue.

Application: It is made up of two phases so make sure to shake and mix well before using!

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