HEY THERE AND WELCOME to my blog! If you stumbled onto this site by accident and don’t know what its about, I’ll tell ya in a nutshell: I’m a thirty-one year young Filipina living in San Francisco, CA who is in forever wanderlust, has an insatiable desire for delicious food and treats, and is also a HUGE beauty product hoarder (particularly those made of only clean, non-toxic ingredients)!

GROWING UP WITH ACNE I can’t begin to tell you what it was like growing up with cystic acne. Lets just say the nicknames were rough – I’ll just leave it at that. For most, acne doesn’t just simply go as you grow into adulthood either but as long as you are resourceful, do your research and are proactive about maintaining your skin, acne becomes manageable or treatable! I’ve spent the past two decades trying every acne medication and treatment known to man (well, almost) and have found that clean, vegan beauty products that have achieved results for my sensitive skin. To have found a beauty niche that works for me has literally brought so much happiness to my life and boosted my self-confidence!

MISSION STATEMENT I created this blog with the sole purpose of getting my personal experiences out on the web whilst hoping that my life experience thus far may help or inspire others to get out there and travel (safely!), get creative and be mindful of the beauty products they use.

Words I live by:

“Normality is a paved road:

Its comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow.”

Vincent Van Gogh


is a minute of imagination”.

Dan Zada

“Don’t go through life,

GROW through life.”

Eric Buttersworth